Monday, September 7, 2009

CMO CLUB Weekly Member Poll Results - Who do you have the Closest Relationship with in Your Company?

CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Results in BusinessWeek

Two-thirds said the CEO. But the poll also showed an opportunity. Only 4% said their closest relationship was with the CFO. One of the reasons CMO is so short is that C-suite execs don’t see the return-on-investment of the CMO’s activities. Stands to reason that if CMOs were better at creating allies with the CFO and finance staff, tenures might be longer.

106 CMOs responded:

67% CEO/President
23% Head of Sales
6% COO
4% CFO
0% CIO

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“Absolutely my CEO. He is the only one who truly understands my mission and expertise”

“My first reaction was CEO, but then I started wondering if he would agree with my perspective”

“My CEO brought me in and knows what I can do.”

“I’m closest with my VP sales. She and I drive the company growth and are looked to by CEO for just that.”

“I’m spending more time with my CFO these days but we come at it from such a different perspective in some ways we are further apart in our relationship than when he started.”

“CEO, no question. He drives the ship and my rapport with him is critical for the success of our customer engagement

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