Sunday, August 16, 2009

CMO Job Market Appears to be Turning Around

Based on a number of conversations and calls I have received the past two weeks on companies looking for CMOs ( or heads of marketing ), I think our job market is starting to expand again. I just counted as we have 12 new head of marketing positions posted in our jobs section in the last week alone from NYC, VA, Boston to California ( members only section at ). A number of CMOs in the club have taken new positions in the last two weeks as well. Again, this is based on phone calls from companies and recruiters reaching out to me to share jobs with CMOs in our club.

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Jeff said...

Two good linked in groups for CMO's

CMO's looking for a Great CEO

Partnering CMO's with Great CEO's Have competitive challenges, need growth, revenues, cashflow? Need a checkup from the neckup? Want another opinion? EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT, CMO, PRODUCT AND BUSINESS DEV Cable, Digital Video, High Speed Internet, Digital Voice, Platforms, Content, Technology.

Cable Internet Telephone Industry Talent

Searching for a new assignment in Cable, Internet or Telephone? Post your resume, bio and linkedin profile: Cable, Internet and Telephone Recruiters and hiring managers access and browse the newest and freshest candidates currently available to the cable, internet and phone industries.

I would also like to list The CMO club as a resource to our members.