Thursday, July 30, 2009

The CMO CLUB and BusinessWeek New Weekly Poll Results: Starbucks Right to Try New Format

Can I pour you some booze in your coffee? Starbucks, which has been struggling the last 18 months to find new relevance in a world where a latte can be had just about everywhere including McDonald’s, is expanding its retail empire to include a new format: The new coffeehouse is called 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea, and is an attempt by SBUX to create that serves beer and wine, coffee made from a hand-pressed espresso machine, poetry readings, etc. The new format store, if successful in Seattle, will grow into other cities.

Brand New Day and The CMO Club posed this question to the members of the CMO Club and the results were posted on BusinessWeek yesterday.

The CMO CLUB and BusinessWeek Post

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