Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pete Krainik shares latest CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Result: Who do you go to for feedback prior to recommendations to your CEO?

This past week’s CMO poll question was not even close. Over 48% of the 50 CMOs polled stated they go to other C-Level Peers in their company for feedback prior to presenting to their CEO. On some levels this makes sense. Your group of peers knows the CEO, have best knowledge of all the other internal company factors, and you can pre-sell the idea by pulling them into the discussion.

Over 18% review with other CMOs prior to meeting with CEO. During a few recent CMO CLUB Dinners, a number of CMOs told me they first go to other CMOs for new ideas and to validate their thinking, then pull in C-Level Peers leveraging the fact they have reviewed with other CMOs to help gain alignment. In other words, other CMOs for ideation, internal C-Level peers for alignment and changes to ensure approval.

Both Agency’s and Direct Reports had 15.2% responses each. I think the changing landscape and focus on ROI, new approaches for engagement, and the importance of internal alignment ( for delivery, customer service improvements, and response to social media driven comments ) has shifted reliance on agencies for feedback prior to CEO presentations.

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