Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pete Krainik shares Latest CMO CLUB Poll: As a CMO which area of Personal Coaching would be of most value to you? It Always Comes Back to your CEO

This past week I asked CMOs in the club to respond to this question. Here are the results:
1) Over 32% responded with “Building Credibility with my CEO”.
2) Almost 29% said “Career Coaching”.In thinking about this response I suggest a large part of career coaching is linked to building credibility with your CEO. Patty Azzarello spoke at our Summit last November in SF and her session was one of the highest rating sessions by CMOs in attendance. I am also pleased to note that Patty will be working with The CMO CLUB, starting in early April, as one of the CMO coaches in our upcoming “Members Only” Coaches Coach’s Section on the site”. She will be hosting a forum, weekly blog posts and monthly CMO call for CMOs interested in this topic. More to follow.

3) 21.4% noted “ROI/Financial Management”
With the shift to measureable results oriented marketing this is not a surprise. We actually had a great discussion at one of our Boston dinners with the help of Marketing NPV and actually dissected ROI and budgeting techniques for prioritizing limited marketing dollars. I would also suggest that personal coaching on ROI and Financial Management will build credibility with your CEO.

4) 10.7% responded with “Talent Development” as most valuable to them.
I asked a few CMOs their view on this response and they had some interesting comments. One CMO noted, “It is clearly a top priority for me but right now my lifeline to success is my CEO so I need to stay on top of this and do everything I can to build credibility with him”. Another CMO noted that if the question was rephrased to “Most valuable over next 2-3 years”, she would have Talent Development as her answer.

5) 7.1% selected Contract Negotiation as most valuable to them.
During more aggressive growth times I think this area would be of higher value.

In summary we care about building credibility with our CEOs. How much time per week are you spending thinking about this and do you have an actual plan in place to achieve?

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