Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pete Krainik Shares Latest CMO CLUB Poll Results: Is Your Replacement working for You? CMOs say NO.

This past week's CMO poll question was simple. Do you have a direct report ready to be CMO? Over 91% of CMOs survey said NO. Thats’s right, over 91 % do not feel they have a current person working for them that could lead a marketing organization. Why is that? I asked that question to a number of CMOs at dinners this past week. A number of CMOs said they really do most/all of the strategic work in the company and their organization is really in place to execute the plans. Good execution skills, less strategic thought and leadership needed.

I had a theory that the larger the company, the higher the probability that a key report is being groomed or ready to lead the marketing organization. This is not the case. No difference in size of company and response to this question. Maybe given that many of us are brought in to lead significant change in the organization, the current staff is part of the current approach which needs to be changed? However, the question is someone ready, not is someone lined up to be CMO.

Do you think given many of us are brought in to fix major company wide problems in a short timeframe, grooming our replacement is a luxury we really can’t afford to focus on?

As leaders of our groups, we have the responsibility for development of talent and grooming the next generation of CMOs. As we talk about talent development and creating high performing marketing teams, the more reports we have that think, deliver and lead like CMOs, the better our organizations.

Sounds like time to rollout The Future CMO Club.

What % would CIOs or CFOs say have direct reports ready to be CIO or CFO?

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