Friday, October 31, 2008

Pete Krainik on the CMO Job Market: There's Gold in Them There Hills !!!!

With all the issues with the economy, spending reductions, and uncertainty in the market, I have noticed something these past few weeks that has me excited for CMOs. CMOs are getting hired!!!!

Jeffrey Davidoff just got hired as Orbitz first CMO. Joel York out of our SF club is new CMO at Xignite. Greg Estes previous CMO at Avid, just this week agreed to lead marketing for Mozes. Dean Harris, one of our original NYC club members just accepted position as CMO at kgb. Susan Chenoweth recently CMO at Jigsaw, was hired as CMO of Demandbase. Adriana Rizzo, a long time NYC CMO CLUB member just joined ESPN as head of Mobile and Broadband Video. Kim Feil one of our newer members joined Walgreens as their new CMO within the last few weeks.

As I speak with CEOs and execs from companies throughout the US, there is a strong need for marketing leadership and despite the issues with clarity around CMO roles, CEO's focus on treating the CMO position as an agency, and short timeframes to turn business' around, many need the expertise and proven deliver of experienced CMOs.

I think this economy will help CMOs demonstrate their value even more than in boom times. No one has more expertise about customer engagement, brand building, and demand generation than we do.

They want us on that wall, they need us on that wall.

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