Monday, November 3, 2008

15 CMOs Leading CMOs Only Sessions at The CMO CLUB Summit This Week (Details to get Recaps/Videos/Presentation Decks from Sessions)

We are two days away from The CMO CLUB’s “CMOs only” Summit in San Francisco and over 60 CMOs are scheduled to attend the two day sessions focused on sharing ideas on 1)ROI/Metrics, 2) Effective Marketing in a Down Economy, and 3) Leading company wide change and influence as a CMO.

15 CMOs plus other selected “thought leaders” in the industry are set to share insights and lead worksessions with CMOs at the summit.

Some of the “high impact” sessions include:
- Heidi Melin, CMO at Polycom sharing her expertise and lesssons learned in meaningful measurements and monitoring for day to day success
- Michelle Cervantez, CMO at Jaccuzzi and Greg Estes, new CMO at Mozes sharing specific ROI metrics and processes they use to ensure success and leverage metrics for effective relationships with their CEO
- Eileen Zicchino, CMO at JP Morgan sharing her insights on how she has remained as an effective CMO for 9 years now, especially in these trying times
- Report of our CMO CLUB research on “Driving In-Market Success by Leading Organizational Alignment” – interview results and CMO survey results to be shared.
- CMOs Hope Frank, Phil Clement, and Jarvis Cromwell sharing their insights on Marketing in and Economic Downturn and what it really means for CMOs
- Phil Delrivo from Total Beauty, Mike Doernberg - CEO at ReverbNation, and Stuart Halperin –CEO at Ultimate Movie Site, sharing ideas for pushing the envelope on new approaches for online marketing (not online 101 but true “game changing” approaches)
- Meredith Hanrahan – CMO, Ram Menon – CMO Tibco, and Holly Ripley-Boyd – CMO at Ness Technologies leading a panel and group session on “Being a Better CMO”.

After reviewing all sessions with speakers and session leaders, the insights are going to be amazing and it is great to see all session leaders bringing their “A Game” to the summit.

All members in the club will be receiving live session recap updates from the summit and access to full videos and presentations from the sessions after the conclusion of the summit.

If you have not joined the club yet, are the head of marketing for your company, and want access to insights from 60+ CMOs from the summit plus access to CMOs only dinners and our CMOs only website, please request membership at today at

We are already working on our May 19-20, 2009 CMO Summit in NYC so hold the date and let me know if you would like to help lead a session.

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