Monday, January 11, 2010

CMO CLUB Dinner at CES - Marketing Where Innovation Really Matters

It was interesting to host last week's CMO CLUB dinner in Las Vegas during the CES event. First off a great group of CMOs including Kodak, Samsung, Logictech, GSM, THX, Unilever, Mofilm plus others.

My biggest take-away was the passion of each of the CMOs in the Electronics Industry. As I walked the floor the buzz was all about "what's new", "What's different", etc. This same mindset was present at the dinner. Not only did they share what's new from their company, but a detailed understanding of what's new from competitors and how they will respond. As I shared an update on the club the questions were all about "what's new with the club", "what's coming", etc.

How much of your time as CMO is focused on "what's new" and "what's different" vs. standard planning and execution? If we are leading the growth agenda, this must be a big part of our time and focus and I think many of us can learn from this industry.