Friday, November 13, 2009

Leveraging advanced technology to redefine marketing

The last panel of The CMO Club Summit in San Francisco was a panel discussion about how marketers are harnessing advanced technology to enhance their marketing efforts. In particular, the discussion was about the product Autonomy and how their clients are using their product to find trends and patterns in their respective markets.
  • Moderator: Nicole Egan, CMO of Autonomy
  • David Churbuck, VP Global Digital Marketing for Lenovo
  • Michael Glovia, VP Marketing at VMS
  • Suranga Chandratillake, CEO of Blinkx
Here's a summary of some of the ideas and thoughts that came up in the discussion:
  • Patterns are leading indicators of change rather than lagging signs of performance.
  • Patterns allow businesses to uncover the unknown, spot trends, and identify opportunities
  • Patterns is about finding new opportunities in areas you didn't expect.
  • Uncover the philosophy of inexactness. Get away from the "exact match" mold.
  • Seeing a rapid shift to imprecise analysis, even though there's still value in traditional analysis.
  • Most companies start social monitoring looking for negativity. Among the negativity they saw the detection of desire. They slid into a conversation by offering coupons to try to close deals. And according to Lenovo, they were close to 100% successful with that tactic.
  • Look at the more humane side of marketing metrics. Not all items that can be counted have value.
  • Google has proven that effective advertising is targeted. Blinkx's CEO argues that its product can offer a combination of traditional commercial advertising and targeted Google ads.

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