Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leading A Brand across 200 Countries - CMO CLUB Roundtable Discussion at Denver Dinner on Sept. 14 - Gail Galuppo, CMO Western Union

16 CMOs met in Denver last night with Gail Galuppo, CMO at Western Union leading the CMO Roundtable Discussion on "Leading your Brand Beyond Marketing". Gail shared her approach to literally turning around the brand image of Western Union. A number of topics/ideas discussed:

1) Don't think brand strategy as CMO, think business strategy first.
2) As a new CMO, give the existing team a chance. You don't need to always bring in a new team. Leadership plays a significant role in organization performance.
3) Think in terms of three key areas when building your brand, a) emotional connection, b) trust, c) reliability.
4) Moving and promoting regional marketing leaders to global positions will help you with global commitment to new marketing programs. Focus on key influencers of regional business executives, within your global marketing organization, when assigning new global marketing responsibilities.
5) Don't get caught up into regional ROI discussions at all costs. At some point you must balance measurable ROI vs. your expertise as a marketer on what works for building your brand.

We had a number of new CMOs to the club and a great conversation. Thanks to Gail for sharing her insights.

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