Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pete Krainik shares latest CMO CLUB Weekly CMO Poll Question: What do you want to do next? Lots of CEO/GMs in Waiting

We just completed this weeks CMO poll question and over 50 CMOs weighed in on "What do you want to do next". The results:

1) 37% desire a CEO/GM position
2) 24% want a larger CMO position
3) 22% desire a CMO position in a new industry
4) 10% want to stay with their current position
5) 7% want to get into consulting.

61% CMOs responding desire a promotion to CEO/GM or larger CMO job. This is not surprising to me. As I host club dinners throughout the US I see the desire, passion, and most importantly, confidence in many CMOs for that next bigger opportunity.

Also only 10% want to stay in their current position. I grow tired of hearing industry statistics about the short tenure of CMOs and that they are losing their jobs more frequently than other CxOs. I'm seeing many CMOs leaving positions for bigger, better opportunities of their own accord, vs. being pushed out. If only 10% want to stay, then 90% desire something new in the not too distant future.

Finally, only 7% desire a move to consulting. Many of us consult on the side for extra cash or between gigs, but most of us appear to want a CMO or CEO position vs. consulting.

Any other suggestions or comments on these results?

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