Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pete Krainik shares Recap of Chicago CMO CLUB Dinner: Customers Shift from 'Quality" to "Value" Highlights the Dinner

A lively group of CMOs meet last night in Chicago with a number of insightful discussions including:
1) The shift of customers/consumers from "Quality" to "Value" and the implications for CMOs in both B2C and B2B. The group discussed the recent Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds approach to going after Starbucks leveraging the better "value for money" messaging.

2) Great B2B discussion around changes in Product Management and Product Marketing (there is a difference) and the need for ensuring Customer Centric approaches to these critical areas within our organizations.

3) New approaches to company lead Events to ensure customer retention.

4) Bill Kies provided excellent deep dive into changes in the Grocery industry for retailers and CPG companies selling through Grocery. The growth in data driven predictive modeling giving the upper hand back to the retailer was also covered.

5) The group came up with a few good ideas for forum question within the club on "The top 30 questions to ask your first 30 days as a new CMO". More to follow.

6) Jeff Caswell new with Quaker Foods shared his efforts in leading 'Project 100" in which 100 leaders in the industry weighed in on Social Marketing. The result will be a book with all proceeds going to charity (watch video for more details). A number of CMOs in the club participated.

Finally, David Cumberbatch had his first day with new company and joined the dinner last night to start networking with other CMOs in Chicago.A great evening and our best CMO CLUB dinner to date in Chicago. More to follow.

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