Monday, November 3, 2008

Pushing The Envelope on New Approaches/Ideas for Online Marketing

Looking for a new idea and approach to online marketing? Then you wanted to be in the room for the discussion, "Pushing The Envelope on New Approaches/Ideas for Online Marketing." Greg Estes, CMO of Mozes led the panel discussion. On the panel (from left to right) were:
Here's a summary of suggestions from the panel:
  • Doernberg - You need to leave things behind for success. Connect advertising to a certain objective. Your program shouldn't just be about reach. If traditional ad buys aren't achieving your objective, then dump it. Stop taking an old approach to a new model.
  • DelRivo - Anything we can send out to women that has a list of the "worst" products, that gets the highest open rates.
  • DelRivo - These bloggers may not have the reach of traditional advertising, over time their influence is huge. And individuals may not be that impactful, but en masse they're very powerful.
  • DelRivo - Avoid the stupid online games that have nothing to do with the engagement you're trying to create or the product you're trying to sell.
  • Halperin - Virtual points is a way of giving something to your users and creating an engagement and keeping them more involved in the process. Give them a chance to let their status rise in your environment.
  • Doernberg - As a brand you have to be genuine. His son loves the MyCokeRewards. He demands his dad buys Coke products so he can cash in on the rewards. People are jaded, but if you give them something real, they get behind it. If you give them something fake, they'll ignore it.
  • Halperin - Compensation doesn't always mean money. It can also be a forum or let them have their opinion heard in a very profound way. Can increase status and priveledges.
  • Doernberg - How do you get reach and credibility without having armies of people doing the work? Technology allows this to happen.
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