Friday, November 7, 2008

Close sales cycles faster with ZoomInfo

I had spoken to Erica Ewing of ZoomInfo at the last CMO Club conference in NYC. As a follow up I asked Ryan Stanton about what's changed with ZoomInfo over the past 6 months.

Check out all coverage at The CMO Club Peer to Peer Summit.

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Zaki Usman said...

As Ryan said that Zoominfo Powersell is a "search engine". Which is a two edge sword. Because it’s a crawler (Good), it can reap 45 mil contacts of the web. This also makes it prone picking up outdated contact details or summarizing junk data as relevant (Bad).

I've just started to use it on a trial basis for lead generaiton. I already came across some out-dated contact details, etc. But that’s what you expect from web crawling. I think as long as Zoominfo communicates this and manages expectations then users shouldn't be too dissatisfied.