Friday, October 17, 2008

The CMO CLUB Launches new Thought Leadership Network

As I host CMO CLUB dinners throughout the US, I have been fortunate to participate in your discussions on key issues you face and the types of insight, data, and tools you need to solve your problems. I’ve also met with numerous ex CMOs who have started consulting firms plus other companies that truly have unique insights and thought leadership in their space.

In keeping with the mission of our club to help you solve your problems through sharing ideas in new and energizing ways, I wanted to create a new environment and an extension to our CMOs only site, exclusive to CMOs in the club, for accessing thought leaders, on your terms, based on your recommendations. The result: your CMO CLUB Thought Leadership Network.

The setup is simple, a virtual exhibit hall with virtual booths for thought leaders in the industry to share insights designed to help you solve your problems. I am pleased to announce our initial group of thought leaders including MarketingNPV – experts in marketing metrics, Aprimo – experts in enterprise marketing approaches and tools, Renegade – experts in interactive marketing, and CGS – experts in virtual trade show solutions (and hosting our virtual exhibit hall). I would like to thank CGS for their support in helping deliver our virtual exhibit hall. Additional thought leaders are already lined up to be added over the next few weeks.

We have also set up a CMO CLUB Booth to store dinner speaker handouts, our CMO Video Wall of short videos from CMOS in the club, results from prior CMO CLUB Surveys, and content and videos from prior CMO CLUB summits.

In addition, starting in November, we will leverage our Virtual Exhibit Hall for monthly, members only, webinars on topics you prioritize, delivered by CMOs and other industry experts. Think of these webinars as CMO CLUB Dinner conversations expanded to include CMOs from around the world.

We will also continue to add thought leaders to our Thought Leadership Network in new areas like Contract Law for helping you with your “executive pre-nup”, Personal Branding Coaches, and Investment experts to help you raise money, etc.

So enjoy Your CMO CLUB Thought Leadership Network, (access for members only through our site at Let me know how we can make it more valuable and easy to use, and other thought leaders in the industry that would be valuable to CMOs in our club and want to be part of something special.

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