Thursday, January 28, 2010

CMO CLUB Weekly Member Poll Results - What Role did your CEO Have Prior to being your CEO? - Hint - It Wasn't CMO

Here are the results of this weeks CMO CLUB weekly member poll question. What was your CEO's role prior to becoming your CEO?
Only 9.6% of the 146 CMOs responding noted their CEO came from marketing. CFO was highest in non-GM positions with 19.2% and Head of Sales with 16.4%. I was surprised that most CEOs came from other CEO positions. Here are the results:

146 CMOs responded

27.4% - Other (CEO of smaller company, etc.)
26.0% - GM or President
19.2% - CFO
16.4% - Head of Sales
9.6% - CMO or Head of Marketing
1.4% - CIO

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“My company picked a CEO from a smaller company to lead our company.”

“My CEO came from CFO world so all we do is discuss short term ROI.”

“We are a sales led company as a result of our CEO’s past life as EVP Sales.”

“I’m lucky, my CEO was an ex CMO so she gets it and supports our customer engagement priorities.”

“He was GM of our most profitable division so his reward

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