Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You - What's Coming for CMO CLUB Members in 2010

As 2009 winds down I wanted to reach out to all the CMOs in the club and thank you for making the club and our members better CMOs in 2009.

In 2009:
1) We started with 450 CMOs and ended with over 700 CMOs in the club
2) Over 800 CMOs attended a dinner
3) Over 160 CMO attended a CMO CLUB summit
4) Over 130 CMOs per day are now accessing our CMOs only sites and sharing insights and accessing other members and CMO positions
5) Over 20 CMOs got new CMO positions thru CMO postings from other members on our site.

Plans for 2010 include:
1) Continued refinement of membership rules and members to minimize “selling to CMOs” and maximize “sharing insights”
2) A new and improved CMO CLUB site at the end of January for easier access to other CMOs, easier search capabilities for CMO driven content, dinner recaps and summit presentations.
3) An easier to use, integrated registration and payment process for members to sign up for dinners, summits, and CMO roundtable calls.
4) Increased focus and delivery of “Insights from CMOs” podcasts with members in the club sharing their expertise for other members to review on their schedule.
5) Continued improvement to our already successful summits for more CMO roundtable sessions and focused worksessions for B2B and B2C CMOs.
6) Continuing to increase number of CMOs in the club to increase value to all our members with global expansion with a significant increase in global CMOs in the club.

I have been fortunate to meet many new CMOs and friends in 2009 and personally commit to all of you to continue to focus on helping you deliver the world’s best CMO conversations. We have something truly special here and with your help will only get better in 2010.

Thank you,
Pete Krainik, Founder, The CMO CLUB

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