Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly CMO CLUB Poll Results: As CMO what percentage of your compensation is tied to specific revenue delivery?

108 CMOs responded
35.2% - Over 25 percent
35.2% - 11-25 percent
18.5% - 0 percent
11.1% - 1-10 percent

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:
“Single biggest change to my comp package the last 2 years is the impact on my ability to deliver revenue in my paycheck.”

“We actually identified some key new businesses in 2009 and a good piece of my compensations is tied to the revenue success of these new ventures”.

“I found that one of the single biggest contributors to improved credibility for me with peers and my CEO is my volunteering to take on revenue targets for my compensation. Every CMO should do this tomorrow”.

“I have a blended compensation plan when it comes to revenue. A small piece tied to total company revenue and profitability and a larger piece tied to Specific new product launches that marketing is supporting in a big way”.

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