Thursday, November 12, 2009

What are the challenges CMOs are wrestling with?

Peter Krainik, founder of The CMO Club, kicked off the 2009 CMO Thought Leadership Summit in San Francisco today. Krainik asked the group of 100+ to introduce themselves, their company, and one question they'd like to get answered at the summit.

Here are some of those questions:

  • What is the real story about the economy for 2010? Are CMOs optimistic for the new year?
  • How can my company refresh it's brand and build excitement?
  • What opportunities can be found at the intersection between social media and customer relationship management?
  • Social marketing: Can it be monetized or is it just a fad?
  • Social media is the big trend these days, but what more traditional techniques still work?
  • How can we build a house of brands with a limited budget?
  • How can we turn a product into a lifestyle brand?
  • How do we engage clients from a B2B perspective?
  • How do we expect to get a huge bump in social media ROI?
  • How do we market to different generations?
  • What are different brands doing in social media? What's working and what's not?
  • Rational marketing toward emotional marketing: What's the situation?
  • Changing team dynamics: Ways to change culture on the people side.
  • Get ideas on how to improve consumer marketing, PR, TV, and traditional media.
  • How do we deliver ROI of the social space? That's what clients keep demanding.
  • Moving to surrendering our marketing programs to the general public.
  • Looking for better ways to measure offline marketing like we do with online.
  • Looking for ideas and strategies for how to scale and grow a company.
  • How do you keep your brand alive and exciting for your own people in this tough economic environment?
  • How do we engage customers via social median in the B2B space?
  • How do you take regional brands and bring them national?
  • How do we generate demand and increase conversions?
  • What works for linking marketing tightly with the sales side of the business?
  • How do you engage and motivate employees to be brand champions?
  • How can the music industry help in the social media space?
  • How do you reach senior level executives?
  • What are good forward looking tools for CMOs to use and understand?
  • How do you scale and transition a team from what I have to what I need?
  • Trying to gauge the mood. Is there optimism or pessimism for 2010?
  • Sales enablement: How do we train and support the sales team for a growing sales package?
  • How do we use storytelling for branding?

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