Sunday, November 1, 2009

The CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question: As CMO what new Marketing Technologies are you most interested in for your business?

90 CMOs responded
35.6% - Integrated Mkting Operations/Planning
22.2% - Search Optimization
15.6% - User Generated Content Platforms
13.2% - Social Community Platforms
6.7% - Online Advertising Optimization
6.7% - Mobile Applications

Better decision making, freeing up time to focus on customers, UGC platforms for listening vs. selling, and social network platform's ease of use were some of the key reasons behing CMOs priorities around new marketing technologies.

A few Quotes from CMOs in the club who responded:

“I have to do more with less and need planning, campaign development, and execution tools that link and help me make the best decisions. I am interested in tools that help with my decision making.”

“Integrated Marketing tools are a big piece of my strategy for effective global marketing management. Every hour spent messing with marketing operations work arounds is one less hour focused on our customers and customer engagement.”

“UGC platforms are important to us as we continue to think thru our engagement plans with our customers. Not just for selling but for listening.”

“As we look at Social networking platforms, it’s not about flash and bells and whistles, it’s all about ease of use and ease of sharing content across stakeholders. We are looking at platforms that do the best job of this.”

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