Friday, November 13, 2009

Best in class social media ideas for CMOs

Every session at the CMO Club Summit in San Francisco had at bare minimum, a touch of discussion on social media. Some sessions had far more. This one was one of them. A panel discussion for CMOs who have succesfully pull
Here are some of the recommendations and thoughts that came out of the discussion:
  • Understand that it's just one giant conversation. Make social media a company-wide strategy. It's beyond just getting a Twitter account.
  • You're going to be involved in social media whether you choose to be involved with it proactively or not. Do you want to catch up and participate with it?
  • Transparency is about trust with audience.
  • Build relationships with bloggers and it will pay off when you need their support. e.l.f. has relationships with 300 bloggers. Because of that work of building relationships, when they do put out a promotion, the bloggers spread the word for them.
  • If you think you're number one in your industry, check Google first. If you appear on Google for a general search in your category then you are tops. Those who appear top in their category often have blogs.
  • Go to the video bloggers first with your product announcement. Completely avoid the traditional media. The traditional media will see the videobloggers' content.
  • Don't astroturf: Your whole brand will be irreparably damaged. Especially if you ignore the community reaction to your astroturfing.
  • Customer service via social media (complain about something publicly) works faster than going through a company's traditional customer service outlets (e.g. 800 number and email us).
  • Blogger enthusiasts will work with you and link to whatever page you want to link to. Create a page that converts people to buyers and give that link to the blogger enthusiast.
  • Keep in mind that earned and paid media can't live without each other.

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