Friday, June 5, 2009

CMO CLUB Weekly Poll Question: Social Media and Predictive Analytics Tools are Biggest Needs for CMOs

Last weeks CMO CLUB Poll question: What Platform or tools do you have the biggest need for as CMO? One answer was expected, one answer surprised me.

Number one with over 27% of CMOs responding, Social Media planning and execution tools. No surprise here. Platforms and tools in this area come up at every CMO CLUB dinner these days. The interesting point in these conversations is a growing interest among CMOs for tools to help them plan their Social Marketing strategies within broader company strategies, vs. tools just for improved execution. This is a shift from 3-4 months ago.

The second largest response with over 25.5% of CMOs is predictive analytics or modeling. This is one area for CMOs in the club where you either believe and are passionate about predictive modeling in marketing or your don’t. Its all in or all out at this point for many. This will be one of our breakout sessions at our November CMO CLUB summit in SF.

Marketing Operations tools and platforms was third with almost 22% of CMOs responding as their biggest need. Based on CMO CLUB dinner conversations this is one area hit hard by recent economy and budget crunches within marketing. Large amount ot frustration but not number one for investment now. I think this number will change as we come out of the downturn. Lots of pent up frustration here.

Another surprise was the fact less than 12% found SEO/SEM tools and platforms as their biggest needs. Many CMOs have these in place and are now working on improving performance and return.

Are you using predictive modeling in marketing? What tools are you using for developing your social marketing strategies?

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