Thursday, June 18, 2009

CMO CLUB Latest Weekly CMO Poll Question - What is your Top Priority as CMO the 2nd Half of 2009? Its All About Market Share

Last weeks weekly poll question of CMOs in the club focused on top business priority for the 2nd half of 2009. The results:
1) 48% of CMOs responded are focused on increasing market share as top priority.
2) 20% of CMOs are focused on increasing profitability
3) Only 20% of CMOs are focused on customer retention as their top priority (despite all the press on customer retention as top priority)
4) Only 12% are focused on investments in new products or services as top priority.

The results? Its all about gaining market share. As I host dinners this past month throughout the US, the conversations from CMOs in the club support these results. Most see the down economy as the time to build market share vs. more defensive plans around customer retention only.

Are you pulling back and focused on increasing profitability or retention only? Hmmmmm....

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