Monday, June 1, 2009

The CMO CLUB Digital Marketing Survey Results - Customer Acquisition top Benefit & Measuring Digital Mkting Impact on Offline Customer top Issue

The CMO Club, a CMO-only peer-to-peer network with over 800 members, and Omniture, Inc. today announced the results of The Digital Marketing Survey, conducted by The CMO Club in partnership with Omniture and taken by members of The CMO Club.

The annual survey, which gauges CMO perspectives on key digital marketing topics and provides benchmarks for usage of digital marketing technologies, provides insights about how CMOs are apply digital marketing, particularly in response to the challenging economic environment.

Key findings include:
· CMOs rank customer acquisition as #1 digital marketing benefit. Across industries, CMOs find digital marketing to be a critical tool in acquiring customers more cost-effectively. Additional benefits cited were more cost-effective conversion, improved credibility with C-level peers, and accurate measurement, varied widely by industry.

· CMOs said linking online initiatives to offline customer behavior is the top digital marketing challenge. 62% of CMOs say their most significant digital challenge is measuring how online marketing programs impact the offline behavior of their customers. Nearly 50% stated that staying abreast of the rapid changes in digital media and digital tools also presented a major challenge.

· CMOs still view email, search, and site optimization as the most effective digital tools, despite the explosion in social media. Nearly 70% of CMOs consider email, search engine optimization, and site optimization to be their most effective digital media, while CMO success with social media is mixed and varies by industry. Meanwhile, only 25% of CMOs are investing in mobile ads.

· CMOs indentified peer groups as their preferred source for digital marketing insight. Nearly 79% of CMOs consider peer groups as their most likely source for digital marketing insight in 2009. Resources that provide true thought leadership in best practices and case studies are also preferred sources for CMOs.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for CMOs to leverage digital marketing to build brands and drive revenue,” said Gail Ennis, SVP of Marketing, Omniture. “These findings illustrate that the Digital CMO needs tools that simplify the delivery of real-time insights into the impact their initiatives have on business results.”

“CMOs are adjusting to the dramatic changes in consumer behavior and digital marketing tools and this survey provides additional insight into how they are responding,” said Pete Krainik, The CMO Club Founder. “By benchmarking CMO usage of and attitudes toward digital marketing today, we are establishing a basis from which CMOs can measure their progress and engage their peers, agencies and solution providers in meaningful discussion.”

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