Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The CMO Club May Summit, NYC: John Legend Plays Live for The CMO Club!

After a great video clip showing some of John Legend’s recent appearances, Pete introduced the 6-time Grammy winner, who strolled up to the piano to a round of applause.

After opening with “Just a Little,” John told the audience he’s a fan of several brands represented in the room, and a lay critic of television commercials.

“So if any of you have any questions for me, I’d be happy to give you my review,” he joked.

John said that as a brand himself, he knows the importance of creating a relationship of trust you’re your audience, and delivering on the promise you make to your fans.

“But I know you guys know what you’re doing, so how about I just play some more songs?” he said, then introduced his new song, “This Time,” off the Evolver album.

Then he slid into “Been together for a while now,” a song he felt fit his personal criteria for what makes a good love song. “It’s something that people want to use at their wedding song. And this one gets used in a lot of weddings.”

John closed with “Ordinary People,” from his the Get Lifted album.

John begins his summer tour on June 27th. “Either in Milwaukee or Michigan, one of those places,” he laughed. “I’m from Ohio.”

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