Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CMO CLUB Announces new CMO Coaches Program for Members

We as CMOs are under significant pressure to lead the growth agenda for our company through the leadership of high performing marketing teams, providing marketing expertise, and leading organizational wide change. We receive a large amount of white papers, case studies, vendor seminars, and other content on marketing approaches, tools, and solutions. However, some of the most popular and valuable CMO CLUB roundtable discussions have been around specific areas of coaching to help you as CMOs be more effective in your jobs and more successful in your careers.

In response to the value of these discussions and the needs of CMOs in the club, I am please to announce a new program for club members, CMO Coaches. These coaches will provide specific expertise and lead an ongoing dialogue around their specific area for CMO CLUB members. Each coach will provide insights thru their blog posts, lead forum discussions based on interest and direction of CMOs in the club, and host a coast to coast conference call for any interested CMOs on a rotating set of issues/topics requested by CMOs in the club every few weeks. These calls are exclusively for CMOs in the club so the conversation and value will be ‘CMO Worthy”.

Our first three areas of interest and CMO coaches are:
1) Building Credibility (Patty Azzarello). Patty’s first post can be found at:
2) Talent Development (Peter McNally). Peter’s first post can be found at:
3) Executive Engagement (Mark Bonchek). Mark’s firsts post can be found at:

A schedule of upcoming conference calls and details on registering for calls can be found in the calendar section on the site. Please participate and share your requests with our coaches and join the forum discussions and CMO Conference calls.

Visit The CMO Club at:

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