Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pete Krainik from the iMedia Brand Summit – One Stop Shopping for CMOs plus an Interesting Idea for Staying on Top of New Digital Marketing Tools

I’m in San Diego this week at the iMedia Brand Summit. Hundreds of people here and only a handful of CMOs. I love this event as it gives me a great snapshot of all digital media trends, new technologies, and a sharing of ideas on how many of the most aggressive and insightful Brands are leveraging digital media. A good 2 day investment for CMOs.

I ran into David Smith, CEO at Mediasmith last night at the cocktail reception and thought he had an interesting approach to staying on top of changing digital marketing. I asked him how his agency stayed current on all the latest technologies and approaches. In addition to everyone’s regular responsibilities, he created a list of key areas like widgets, video search, ad networks, etc. He then went to all the younger people in his office and asked them to pick one area they had a passion for and to become the “go to” person in his agency for this area. Benefits include a deeper focus in each area without everyone having to try to stay on top of everything plus a great motivator for young talent to be appreciated and a key part of their company.

As CMOs you may want to use this idea in your marketing organizations. Any other thoughts for staying on top of ever changing digital marketing?

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