Friday, June 20, 2008

45 CMOs attended CMO CLUB Dinners in NYC, Boston, and Atlanta This Week with 30 new CMO Members at the Dinners.

I just got back from Atlanta and I am pleased to welcome a record number of new CMOs to our club. We had three excellent dinners this week with the following conversations:

1) Boston - CMO Success in Today's World

2) New York - Leveraging Social Media for Success

3) Atlanta - Commercializing IP within the Marketing Organization.

A partical list of new CMOs joining dinners this week include Rilla Delorier CMO - SunTrust Bank, Joe Rooney CMO - Cox Communications, Larry Lieberman CMO - Virgin Comics, Ellen Moskowitz CMO - Mastercard, Tanja Omeze CMO -, Cindy Cook CMO - Vivendi Games, Josh Kirschner CMO - Inform, Kimberly Grayson CMO - The Childrens Place, Holly Ripley-Boyd CMO - Ness Technologies, Jeff Farr CMO - V12 Group, and many more. Welcome to the club.

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