Sunday, July 22, 2007

The CMO CLUB - "You Are Not Alone Anymore"

A few weeks back, at our Boston CMO CLUB dinner, a number of CMOs were completing a fantastic dinner in which discussions included new ways to leverage WOM marketing, social networks, recommendations for specific agencies and PR firms and ideas for good books for CMOs to read. At the end of the dinner Randy Drawas, Head of Marketing for Kaspersky Lab, announced "This dinner was great, I just realized I am not alone anymore."

As I look back on the first year of The CMO CLUB, that phrase captures the essence and mission of our club. Most of us spend our days interfacing with fellow executives within our company, with no one to turn to for sharing marketing ideas, bouncing new approaches off of, or confiding in someone that you need help.

I look forward to continue growth, more valuable dinners, and member interactions in the coming year and helping each other be better CMOs. Remember, you are not alone anymore. Spread the word to other CMOs and I look forward to seeing all of you at our next round of dinners.

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