Thursday, April 22, 2010

Building credibility by demonstrating marketing impacts on revenue in B2B

Speakers: Jon Miller, VP Marketing at Marketo and author of "Modern B2B Marketing"
Pam Burton, CMO at Mimcom

Miller explains that the importance of marketing begins with the revenue cycle, not the sales cycle. His revenue cycle begins with awareness, to gathering names, to engaged leads, to prospect and recycled, to leads, to sales leads, to opportunity and finally to a customer. A prospect is ready for a sales call when the lead has visited the website two times within a 7 day period. And, the best channels for leads are inbound converts, followed by virtual trade shows. His use of the revenue cycle is that it allows the company to forecast the sales in future periods, which allows for more accurate projections.

Burton uses technology to judge her leads, through a partnership with Eloqua, which handles the marketing operations. The system allows for alerts to be established for particular company and individuals who visit her company's website or content from these potential clients. The most important part of her marketing process is a partnership with the sales operations. It is key to make sure that the people in both departments define and agree on objectives, define terminology, have matching lead scoring system and put in place reporting and measurement metrics.


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Jeff Ogden said...

Marketo's Revenue Cycle model is ideal. Most companies struggle to map the process to staff, but are unable to do so.

Marketo is also doing a wonderful job of adding product capabilities - both for sales and for measurement.

Lastly, by using experts in an ongoing process -- the Revenue Master series, they are bringing great value to prospective buyers.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
President, Find New Customers

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